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I am currently the president of Anime London and webmaster to it's website Anime London. I'm increasing the use of CMS (Content Management Systems) to even the load of running the website. I am fairly active at conventions, mostly in Toronto.

I'm also using this wiki to cronical my switch over to Linux in A Month of Linux as well as considering of moving Bento section to the wiki.

I also took photos of the Lunar Eclipse Feb 20, 2008

New shows to watch for

This is a list of shows I recommended to watch for.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
One of the few magical girl shows that shows progression not only in plot but it's characters. This time we have Nanoha as a teenager and part of a magical girl trouble shooter team.

Manga I Recommend

Love As a Foriegn Language

A list of manga I recommend wheither it be in print or online.

[Shrine of the Morning Mist] is a manga I picked up late Sunday at Spring Toronto Anime Con 2006. Surpirse that I missed the anime when released. The manga is far better telling of the story.

Love As a Foriegn Language is a love story about a homesick Canadian ESL teacher in South Korea who falls for gorgeous receptionist, Hana. What is amazing is how true of a story this book really is.

Chikyu Misaki Makishima Misaki inherits her grandfather's mansion. Her memories of a child are vague but she thinks she is forgetting something important. That is until she finds a creature that turns from Lochness monster to a small boy. Now along with a plane crash in the lake and even more mysterious people searching the lake, can she still keep this child a secret.

[Azumanga Daioh the Manga] Since the book was written in 4 koma style comic strip, I couldn't help but pick up the manga.

Artbooks & Graphic Novels

The Walking Man

I use to draw along time ago. That doesn't mean I haven't given up on art. It just means I have a deep appreciation for the craft.

The Walking Man by Jiro Taniguchi
How to Draw Manga Maids and Miko, Technics for Drawing Female Characters

Latest Video

I also tape many conventions as well as trying to produce a videozine.

4 Koma Project-Beauty