Chikyu Misaki

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Chikyu Misaki

Schoolgirl Makishima Misaki's life is about to get a lot more complicated in this first volume of an exciting new title! She has inherited the house that belonged to her maternal grandfather, in a small, quiet, snowy town that boasts its own local legend, the Hohopo. Moving into the house with her klutzy widower father, she soon makes new friends — including one very unusual friend: the Hohopo itself, a shape-shifting creature who looks like a small Loch Ness Monster…when he's not masquerading as the boy next door!
from CMX Manga
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Author: Iwahara Yuji
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery
Demographic: Shounen
Written and illustrated by Iwahara Yuji


Michael Eh?

Charming fantasy though it does get confusing at the end as they explain things. The first volume was better without the explainations ... just wonder. The might be some scenes which seem off like girls getting nosebleeds. Overall, the book is very good read.

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