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Hello, I'm the sysop of this section. I will be making changes as time goes on. Please let me know of any problems or changes you want to see here.
Michael Eh? 22:48, 11 April 2007 (EDT)

lol because I don't see an email link or even a listed email I shall just creepith your talk page XD I have been going though the list's of manga and yaoi and realized one thing that kinda urks me, the fact they are all squished together, I found myself getting lost on ones that had more than 3 lines, I think it might be more user friendly if you were to set them up in a table styled format under there correct letter, similar to what was done when you click on a certain category. like how the Yaoi genre click it just easier to read and manage, and a lot easier to see whats there, especially if your like me and don't know for sure what the English title is you have to try and filter though all that stuff. Just something I thought you should maybe consider, and If I can figure out how to email you, your gonna get one with this on it LOL, and yes I really don't have anything better to do then creep around leaving reviews and hunting an email link XD


There is some limitations to mediwiki software. The Manga list or yaoi list are simply that. Lists. It a list of manga and yaoi titles at Neo Tokyo. there is a page limit of 56K then browsers start having problems.

DarkAvenger696 hey, I don't know what you did but it let me back on the wiki O__o lol I think its just PMS-ing or something =/ anyways you don't have to worry about trying to figure it out since it fixed itself XD