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Over the years I have commissioned art from artists which I thought their work was good. Of those artists, some have improved over the years, others have dropped by the wayside. Some have gained commissions from all over the globe from showing these arts to friends on the net.
Recently I have started a challenge based on a topic.
the AVATAR Project 2006
On Sunday, at Fan Expo Canada 2006, I launched a new project, the AVATAR Project. Avatars are the iconic graphic which identifies a poster in forums and elsewhere. In future, I will be doing more of this challenge at other cons along with the 4 Koma Project.
Art Challenge 2003 Artist Challenge 2004 - 4 Koma Project
After the kitsune challenge, problems appeared. Number of people participating were the same though the costs running had quadripled. Having a 'judged' challenged proved it's own undoing. I skipped running a  challenge at AnimeNorth for picture taking. 
In the meantime, I devised a more open challenge which is more of a comic jam mixed with Japanese cartoon strip style. Armed with a word list and not a single topic, I tried the challenge out at Canadian National Anime Expo which also runs Comic Expo. The results were stunning and excepted by fan artists and profesional alike. 
Expect more from this challenge from us as we extend the challenge to some of best artists from Japan.
Art Challenge 2003 Artist Challenge 2003 - The Kitsune
I derive this challenge from Asian legend of mischievious fox-spirits, the Kitsune. For the first time I've include guest pictures which include Ben Dunn of Nija High School and Tommy Ohtsuka of Slayers manga fame.
For picture of the winner and his prize, click here.
For gallery of the challengers click here.
For gallery of the guest click here
Artist Challenge 2002 - 'Skunk Girl'
Originally intended to be tribute to a friend in Japan who loved Pepe Le Pew, it turned into something more when one entry was noticed by a professional to have potential.
For gallery of the challengers click here.
Artist Challenge - Other commissions
I have been running other challenges well before these two. One is a gift for a friend which I manage to get him once a year. Also amoung them is gift commissions to others over the years.
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