Fan Expo Canada 2012

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

August 23 to 26, 2012

Friday August 24th, 2009

After missing last year due circumstances beyond my control, I was deteremined to cover Fan Expo this year. It would be a year of firsts for me. First time I took the train down and the first year I applied for media accrediation which was accepted. Due to fact, I could only score a media pasas for Friday I headed down to an overhauled Fan Expo.

One down side of travelling the train was the last train back was 7PM. Sheesh! Thankfully I didn't have to deal with masquerade. I be walking back with the train. At least the train had wifi, electrical outlets and fold out table so I was able use my netbook with no problems which was great since I was able to process the day's photos on the way back.

LINE UP! South Hall


Line up for media was different than regular patrons so I would not have to worry as past years of keeping track of my place in line. I was free to roam the pre-show line up for cosplay photos.


Signing section

Even with press pass, I got flak for photographing the line ups for signings. Needless to say, I just steer clear of the area.

Lego Display at Fan Expo

As always Lego had the impressive displays...


Lego's displays always attracts photo ops. Proof once again that The Hulk is more popular with the ladies than Picollo sorry green butt will ever be. ;)


Daleks and DeLorean

2012 was Daleks and time travelling DeLoreans as Doctor Who picked up steam and Guests from back to the Future were at Fan Expo.


Japan Foundation


Japan Foundation had welcomed cultural display with welcomed swag, a Japanese style fan and tourist pamphelts.

Artist Alley

The Artist Alley is one of the most missed attractions of Fan Expo. Not just the pros who line the parameter but those brave souls who now have to stick out 4 days in their solitary tables hour after all. Many are quite talented in their own right.


Idle Time - Idle Hands

One of the down sides to Fan Expo, or any con, is a place to just sit and take a rest from the go-go-go of the must see events. This year was different was crafty as make a mini Totoro plushies.


Games People Played

Sony made a BIG splash with it's Playstation All Stars Battle Royalle display. Still the game felt like Smash Bros. even down to the look of the levels.


Gaming was open not to video gaming but also extensive board gaming.


Not only was gaming just regulated to games but theatre companies. Bad Dog Theatre Company has crossed into RPG improved crossover. The audience rolls a huge D20 with the roll determines the story at various points.

The rush for the exit

6:30PM!!!! My train leaves at 7PM and it became a rush for the door and Front Street. It doesn't help with distractions of awesome cosplays along the way.


As always who gets the last photo is always a treasure goes to nekomimi maid wins this distinction. I was the last to board my train. Once again I plugged in my netbook and loaded my photos and started the rotating and sifting out photos before I even got home.

Domo arigato, Fan Expo fans.