C.N. Anime 2002

August 23rd to 25th, 2002
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Toronto Ontario

Lineups has always been the part of being at cons.

I would spend two days at CN Anime 2002. Still transversing by greyhound each day.  Of course, I could afford it back then. I would shoot three rolls of film this year.  It would be my first year attending the masquerade.


This would be my first encounter with the strange costume makers who would year after year, leave people speechless. Massive in size and also massively impressive.

The masquerade

This year, I attended the masquerade was still being held in one of the meeting rooms. It included a technopop pre show.  I took far too many pictures of the pre show only to have the change rolls and rethink of that I took after that.  I also had seating far left near front which skewed shots of the stage. I tried moving I think but there wasn't much options in the way of seating.  It also contained alot of Gundam Wing references including the best, The Zack Pilot Rant, which I still consider the one of the best performances at a masquerade I've been to ever.   When putting together the galleries, I swear I only attended Friday and Saturday for 2002. Yet, the masquerade is usually Saturday. The problems of putting together a con report years later I guess is some of the facts are lost in time.

Enterprise - John Billingsley

During this time I followed the show, Enterprise.  John Billingsley was the guest from the show. It was interesting to hear from him  on what goes on from the other side of the show.  It was an education into production which some of the stories I carried back to work.  Stories of which a some co-workers realized that this wasn't some geeky get together where everyone wore geeky costumes. In the end, some made their own trip to what is now Fan Expo Canada because of it.  Other grew a better consideration of the hard work which goes into that hour of  TV they watch.

It seems my luck with cameras at cons is not always good. As in the case, the old Pentax K1000 experiencing the shutter sticking at times.  This lead to part of the pictures being totally black, cutting off heads or left side of the pictures. Even still, I have problems finding ways of correcting these mistakes and I doubt if these photos can be corrected