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How to say Thank You with Class

We held our anime meeting at Coffee Culture across from Central Library… still closed evenings after power transformer failed.  Not willing to wait another two weeks, I packed a 26 inch LCD TV in extra large backpack and carried my … Continue reading

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Could anime be good enough to hang in a gallery?

Well my  crazy idea of an exhibit of artists in anime/manga vein didn’t materialized at all. The thought got my creative juices running … an art show being the main drive to an event rather than a side dish to … Continue reading

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Anime London … the Art Show?

London’s Fringe Festival here is an event. I took the chance to go through London’s the Art Project is one of the venues.  Looking at the artwork on the walls, I thought why couldn’t this be art from anime artists? … Continue reading

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Up for a challenge

I used to run art challenges at Anime North and FanExpo (aka CN Anime) years ago. I was wonder if anyone was up for a challenge? It would be pretty well open ended. Cross social media platforms using the same … Continue reading

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