How to say Thank You with Class

banner-mikuture-CCWe held our anime meeting at Coffee Culture across from Central Library… still closed evenings after power transformer failed.  Not willing to wait another two weeks, I packed a 26 inch LCD TV in extra large backpack and carried my laptop in another backpack.

Coffee Culture was accomediating and a little taken back with bringing a LCD TV.  Since we weren’t limited to two hour limit we watched 3 new shows, one which was hour long.

So how do you say thank you for putting up with us? Well not easy coming up with a winning picture.

First I searched for an image of exterior of Coffee Culture, I ended up screen capture from Google Street Maps. After cropping, I uploaded temporary to website to import to my iPhone….

I used Brushstroke by Code Organa because I like their rountines which give great results plus it was free when Starbucks had it as app of the week. So I ended transferring the finished picture to my PC so I could in turn transfer it to my Zenpad Android tablet to use the next step….

Mikuture is AR (Augment Reality) app by Sorasu Software.  It allows you to paste Hatsune Mike and other CG models into your photographs, either live camera or from gallery.  It has lots of quirks and parameters that makes taking a photo from camera difficult.  Not bad when you pull from your gallery. I ended choosing Snow Miku because we are from the Great White North.

In the end, I moved the finished picture back to my PC to crop the finished image.  Lucky the watermark didn’t get into the way.  I ended posting on Facebook and again on Twitter so the picture would display with tweet along with Dundas Street Coffee Culture’s twitter handle so it would get noticed.

Of course, the final edit will get around to other social sites. I loaded the image back to my tablet so I could Instagram it  which also post to Tumblr, twitter, facebook and flickr.  Later I will find it’s way to Pinterest, We Heart It.

Not to mention, I can always use it again if we have to use Coffee Culture again.  Oh by the way, thanks again Coffee Culture. =)

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