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Love Live photo shoot at AnimeNorth 2018

Really Sunday morning wasn’t all bad. In spite of how much negativity Love Live fans get in the media, AN Love Live photo shoot was sunny. Maybe too much sun as some cosplayers took a fashionable way to keep out … Continue reading

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PLUS ULTRA! Last minute My Hero Academia photo shoot is pure gold.

Even with Anime North 2018 drawing to a close, cosplayers got in one last crack of posing together. My Hero Academia cosplayers were drawn far and wide to All Night’s booming voice. Not only did this All Might have the … Continue reading

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Pretty Heroes 2018 – the con that could rebrands itself to be more inclusive

Back for another year of Sailor Moon Celebration… except this year TSMC rebranded as Pretty Heroes to include ALL magical girl shows; especially the new season of Card Captor Sakura, Clear Card Arc. Unfortunate that booking forced Pretty Heroes to … Continue reading

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Anime Road Trip – Kino’s Journey VS Girls Last Tour

Since now we’re meeting two nights instead of one, we reviewed two similar but different animes, Kino’s Journey (Kino no Tabi) and Girls Last Tour (Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou). Kino no Tabi has already had success as several movies, OVAs so … Continue reading

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Manga Reading List – Shoukoku no Altair

With the new summer season coming , it time to take a look at the new shows. Okay they’re not out yet so lets take a look at the manga that inspired summer season offerings. Shoukoku no Altair Mahmut is … Continue reading

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The Chill of the North – A look at This Year’s Anime North

Union Pearson Express station in Weston Even last month, about 3000 unsold weekend passes for Anime North.  The chill of PC Leadership Convention right next door to Anime North is definitely being felt. Whither it’s competition for hotel, restaurant space; … Continue reading

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On the road again … Toronto ComiCon

  Last minute work schedule uncertainty and unable to find accomendations at the last minute, meant another one day excursion again to Toronto ComiCon.  Might you going all out 24 hours is exillerating but after over 2 decades of covering … Continue reading

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Return to Michener Institute … Anime Shogatsu

It’s been almost 20 years since I was last at Michener Institute for an anime con.  The one SO long ago was my first anime con, Anime North 2.  Lots has changed.  I hardy recognized the area let alone the … Continue reading

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2017 – A New Year … we hope

It goes without saying 2016 was a year we all won’t miss. I doubt 2017 will be any better but we can hope. This year we saw a large departure of celebrities in 2016.  A trend I doubt we’ll see … Continue reading

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Winter is Coming – New Season New Shows

Snow is on the ground and the new season of shows from Japan will be starting. With a new season of Blue Exorcist. With the wiki and the website on a new server and issues with short URL finally fixed, … Continue reading

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