Could anime be good enough to hang in a gallery?

Well my  crazy idea of an exhibit of artists in anime/manga vein didn’t materialized at all. The thought got my creative juices running … an art show being the main drive to an event rather than a side dish to some convention.

Anime/manga style or Big eyes, Small mouth were from Osma Tezuka’s influence. There is not specifically an anime style and a manga style… it’s the same. Just the medium is different. Manga is literally translated as comics. Anime is slang for animation.   So is art based on anime/manga, truely ‘anime’? No because it’s not moving. Is it manga? It’s not a comic. Do we need a third word for artwork based on Asian animation and comics?

Art can become anime/manga though. The classic examples of this is Black Rock Shooter was an illustration by Ryohei Huke. Another is Queen’s Blade which is a series of fantasy illustrations and figures which was poorly made into an anime series. It might say that the transition from art to anime/manga is few and poorly done. While the opposite that fan art of anime/manga/video game is popular but never really accepted in an art gallery setting.

Back to original thought, the art gallery in question has a small theatre as well as sizeable gallery area. My thoughts for the theatre was put on a short play with cosplayers along with the art show. Unfortunely alot of anime got the costume part of COSplay but not essance of the characters itself.

It might be uphill battle to turn a fad into serious art on stage as well in gallery setting for the anime teen crowd. Even harder climb for regular art patrons to see this as serious work.  Soemthing more to ponder.

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