The Chill of the North – A look at This Year’s Anime North

Union Person Weston station

Union Pearson Express station in Weston

Even last month, about 3000 unsold weekend passes for Anime North.  The chill of PC Leadership Convention right next door to Anime North is definitely being felt. Whither it’s competition for hotel, restaurant space; Anime North pushed the local businesses resources to the breaking point anyway.  With national media, candidates, supporters, protesters, what-ever, this year’s Anime North will no doubt put local area past the breaking point.

The bright side is with the national media there, it’s a chance for the awesome cosplayers that hasn’t gotten any press to shine on the national and maybe international stage.

Add to the mix, shutdown to the main subway line to Anime North, it doesn’t get any better… if not worse.  Or does it?  One thing a local of Weston pointed out to me is the Union Pearson Express line has a stop in Weston and right on the road that supplies the TTC bus directly Anime North. For about $5.65, you can by pass the subway and most of the traffic to AN in less than 20 minutes.

True this all makes this year’s Anime North a ‘challenge’ but after last year’s 30 degree weather and lugging 25 pounds of gear; I’ve have been fast tracking upgrading my gear to lighter and better. I purchased a PC tablet to replaced the full size laptop from last year.

Video wise, I’ve trying out using two Sony Action Cams doesn’t really work as well as proper camcorder. They have a VERY short focal length and I would have to practically place on stage to be any use for Masquerade.  I’ve been trying to find a replacement for my old DV camcorder with no luck.  Not only do I have to change format but also add several batteries for recording up to 3 hours.

I’ve upgraded my iPhone to 32 gig model.  I don’t want to be caught having to erase something in the middle of anything happening.  The hard part comes down the final days before Anime North packing my gear and clothes to bare minimal needed. In theory, I could be posting photos couple of times a day.  In practice, it could prove challenging at best.  I’ve been slowly building towards this year’s Anime North with each event I covered along the way.  It was 5 years since I had been to Anime North. It’s going to take more than just a year to catch up technically to cover AN as I should.  I even been trying to find a ‘travel vest’ which can hold all this new lighter gear without a backpack. I don’t want to use vests used by airgun because of the look.  I’m still a long way yet.

At least last year’s purchase of t-Shirts with Anime London logo was a smart move.  As I wear them now at every con.  I might also might have to pack a lunch and some drinks as everything within miles of Metro Congress Center will be packed with people.

See you in a few weeks… and good luck.

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