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Shoukoku no Altair manga

With the new summer season coming , it time to take a look at the new shows. Okay they’re not out yet so lets take a look at the manga that inspired summer season offerings.

Shoukoku no Altair

Mahmut is a young Pasha serving on the council of the Türkiye Stratocracy. The clouds of war are gathering over his country as the threat of the aggressive Empire looms large. With Türkiye’s council split between the warmongers and the pacifists, Mahmut begins his quest to keep the peace at any cost. As he finds himself drawn deeper and deeper in the politics of the ancient world, new enemies and allies surface. Who will prevail? What will Mahmut do if war proves to be inevitable?

Mahmut est un jeune Pacha desservant le conseil de la Stratocratie de Türkiye. Les nuages de guerre se rassemblent sur son pays alors que la menace de l’Empire agressif se développe. Avec le conseil de Türkiye divisé entre les belligérants et les pacifistes, Mahmut commence sa quête pour garder la paix à tout prix. À mesure qu’il se retrouve plus profond et plus profond dans la politique du monde antique, de nouveaux ennemis et alliés font surface. Qui prévaudra? Que fera Mahmut si la guerre s’avère inévitable?

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Shoukoku no Altair - Pasha Sehir Khalil

First chapter is huge 66 page arc which does well to set the tone of the series. Characters are interestingly introduced with flair that doesn’t drag done the story. There is the classical pasha stereotype that we all associate with Arabian Tales with a twist. The old retiring pasha who is Mahmut’s mentor has a secret regret that ties them together.


Shoukoku no Altair - Golden Eagle MahmutHowever conspirator’s cunning is no match for Mahmut’s own deviousness as he quickly out tricks the tricksters and assassins with the flair of Sakamoto minus the glasses and school uniform.   The deed is exposed  and villains exposed and dealt with … right?  The end of the first chapter instead ends in a stalemate. This is only the opening salvo of a long line of attempts on Mahmut’s beloved country.

Shoukoku no Altair - Dancer Shara and MulmutThe second chapter opens up with love interest and a female protagonist, Shara.  She tries to make her moves on lead Mahmut.  I’ve already got this girl on my desirable “Waifu” list. Cute, mischievous, a little bold. She fits into the plot along with Mahmut’s childhood friend who ends up being accused of treason and declaring independence from Altair.  As troops amass to end the rebellion, Muhmut is determined to get there first to discover the truth behind this conspiracy before it ends in bloodshed.

However, our newly introduced strong willed heroine mysteriously joins Mahmut of her own accord.  She has her own reasons to save a friend in Hisar as well.

Shoukoku no Altair - Strong willed female protagonist Shara

Okay I’m hooked on this series. The political intrigue, hot dancing girl, young smart protagonist, the evil plotting foreign minister all wrapped in Arabian setting. I’m set to see how the anime adaptation plays out this coming July.

Shoukoku no Altair  – Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Historical

Published by Kodansha Comics Online. Seriously you’ll be wishing for the hard copy of this one.

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