On the road again … Toronto ComiCon


Last minute work schedule uncertainty and unable to find accomendations at the last minute, meant another one day excursion again to Toronto ComiCon.  Might you going all out 24 hours is exillerating but after over 2 decades of covering cons, I just can’t go on vapours like I use to.  3:45am departure means little sleep before hand. Packing light enough is always a challenge.  As more practice for Anime North I’m trying to carry about the same amount of gear or better in less space and weight. I’m down to three cameras,  one still and two Sony Action Cams a single tripod, selfie stick (aka mono pod) and Gorilla Grip camera mount. The laptop is replaced by a PC tablet. 25 pounds of gear reduce to about a third  of carried during last year’s Anime North.  I’m still not where I want to be with a SD camcorder to replace the now bulky out of date DV camcorder I have now.   Plus I’m still on the look out for gadget vest to hold it all so I can forgo the backpack.

So I’m in for another 9 hours of go Go GO!!! at Toronto ComiCon. Stay tune on all (social media) channels for coverage. Who knows, even I might find something more that I just have to have for upcoming cons.



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