Return to Michener Institute … Anime Shogatsu

Anime Shogatsu 2017

It’s been almost 20 years since I was last at Michener Institute for an anime con.  The one SO long ago was my first anime con, Anime North 2.  Lots has changed.  I hardy recognized the area let alone the building that begat Anime North.  It seems fitting that 19 years later I be attending that another number 2 event at the very place that started it all.

Anime Shogatsu is billed as a Japanese New Years event.   New Years in Japan is coming of age in Japan.  Oddly those who celebrated their 20th birthday come of age at New Years.  Being this is my 20th year of being involved with anime in one way or another, it is a coming of age.  Many of the animes we grew up with are hitting anniversaries themselves.

Unlike with AN so long ago, I’ve come a long way from taking limited pictures with film. In the end, I had nearly 400 photos and videos on my camera and 3 cameras recording the masquerade. I had positive  feedback for webVR I showed to people. A few things didn’t go as planned but each con I learn a little more to make the next better.

Keep an eye on our cosplay page for Anime Shogatsu and hopefully I’ll be back next year.

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