Back in the Game with PS TV

PlayStation TV - BlazeBlue

Fan Expo Canada was a blast in spite of having to work until 7am Saturday then catching a bus to Toronto.  It ended being a 30 hour day counting being up Friday to go to work.  This year though, I was able to take in the deals at EB Games booth.  Lots was gone by Sunday but I snagged a basic XBox 360 and now discontinued micro console PS TV or Play Station (Vita) TV.  Having not really bought any thing new for few years, it was time to up my game.

The PS TV suffers even more than the Vita handheld from Sony’s propriety by having a white list of games. While looking online there is hacks, finding the propriety memory that only works with the Vita systems.  Only one place in London had memory, Dundas Discs, and I got 32 gigs for $60.  A sweet deal though it’s micro SD counterpart is a 6th of that cost. In reality, one could have an Android micro console using Raspberry Pi 3 for about as much as the PS TV cost all around.  I also snagged BlazeBlue ChronoPhantasy for $20 after I tested in store to make sure it wasn’t blacklisted not to work on the PSTV or had to use back touchscreen option. Cool idea when announced for the PS Vita but a trivia option that no other game system picked up on. Nintendo has Dual Screen but only one touch screen.

In reality, I bought both systems to see if I could develop something since I’m friends with many game developers in town. If you have any recommendations for games for PS TV or comments, leave one here or on our Facebook page.

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