Fall Preview – Girlish Number and Stella no Mahou


This season is no exception to shows that for all pretenses are similar in plot. SO let’s take a look at Girlish Number and Stella no Mahou (Magic of Stella).

Magic of Stella

Stella no Mahou (anime) Stella no Mahou (manga)

“Honda Tamaki is a first-year high school girl who joins a somewhat peculiar SNS-Bu circle that makes doujin (self-published) games.”

Next up…

Girlish Number

Girlish Number (anime) Girlish Number (manga)

“Karasuma Chitose, a college student who aspires to be an idol voice actress, and other young women in the industry.”

Well similarities end with the promo videos. I expect Stella no Mahou to be short skits tied into one episode much like Lucky Star, both 4 koma (comic strip) mangas.  Girlish Number started as a light novel project and has blossomed into a manga and anime.  Two girlish comedys to look out for this fall. Look out for Girlish Number and Stella no Mahou this fall

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