The Disturbing Fact about Pokémon spawn points in Pokemon GO

Waiting for your order? So maybe a Zubat...

Waiting for your order? So maybe a Zubat…

Finding pokémon in Pokémon GO may not be a case of where you GO but where you wait.

When Pokémon GO finally came out for Canada, I joined the millions in hunt of pokémon. Thinking that Pokémon GO a data hog, I used free wifi.   You might say it crippled me from collecting precious rare pokémon but instead it yielded some interesting and disturbing data.

For the most part, I was using a particular wifi spot which the place was free standing, not connected to the rest of the strip mall on a busy corner.  With no real clue how Pokémon GO should be played, I expected to have to walk up to the pokémon to get at least within their circle to capture them.  So I got use to exact physical location these pokémon could show.  While the distance I could travel from the free wifi spot was limited it yielded some 17 identifiable spawn points.  While the early version had tracking with up to 9 pokémon, there were some locations outside range of the free wifi.  The newer trackless version is no different where some of the sightings are not within the test area.

pokémon GO spawn map

pokémon GO spawn map

For reference, RED is definite locations where pokémon will spawn. YELLOW is locations observed 2-4 times as spawn points while BLUE has only been observed once.

The disturbing part is what each of these physical pokémon spawn points connect to…

Several cabs and pizza delivery drivers park in the two parking lots north and less amount south.  Only one of five bus stops is a pokémon spawn point. Interesting it is the only one with a shelter. A 24 hour fast food place is a spawn point as well as where people pull up to order and also the designated parking spots they WAIT for their order.  The patio for the coffee place is open and you can find people late at night using the free wifi. One corner strangely is a constant pokémon spawn point as people have to WAIT for the light to cross.

One spot near the pokéstop is right beside handicap parking spot.  It’s only until it’s late it become a constant parking spot for one of the pizza place delivery drivers.  The two to the north are connected to parking spot and a parking meter. Another is at the end of billboard sign where a vehicle use to park regularly.  The three blue markers I only observed once since I usually didn’t bother covering it in my sweeps. There another pizza place and at the end of the strip mall, a cellar repair place.  I have no idea on the third blue dot what is it’s connection.

Other locations yielded similar results, another restaurant had a spawn point just where drivers park waiting for their order. Another coffee place with a patio was a spawn point along with it’s drive thru window. It wasn’t until I noticed the sign on the place where people would pull up and order saying the speaker was broken and to pull up to the window.  Another location downtown, a 24 hour bank machine was a spawn point.

I doubt if any of the taxi drivers or delivery drivers are pokémon GO players as one taxi driver hurdled abuse at me as I searched.  SO how are these points that are connected?  I have no clue and this is beyond scope of this article to answer. The only connection is these points aren’t on roadways or private property except to 24 hour fast food place and only apparent when you play late at night.  All told these spawn points all had one thing in common, it’s not where you GO to find pokémon, it’s where you WAIT.

Feel free to try this experiment and publish your own results.

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