AnimeLondon Announces Live Anime Project

GDJB-room-blogAnime London is proud to announce our new Live Anime Project! Over the years, we have been watching anime but this is different… it’s live!  You may ask, “How can we do this with only just a handful of members?”  The answer is simple, it’s because…

“We ain’t dead yet!”

After all these years, we have watched anime live… or at least, our members aren’t undead otaku that we know of. Though having zombie fan girls maybe infectious. The club started in 1997 with small members because our previous club leader was tired lending out his tapes and not getting them back. When other clubs ave vanished, we remained small but determined.

And we did have LIVE anime one time. We did the entire Macross 7 series LIVE!  Largely because there was no subs, no dubs … just raw video (with commercials still intact) and the scripts.  So a single club member live dubbed Macross 7 which was the highlight of the club meeting.

So enjoy this day April 1st … All Fool’s Day because to those who have written us off… We ain’t dead yet.



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