Kitchener Comic Con – What a Year Difference Makes

outside Kitchener Comic Con 2015.

What a difference one year can make.. or one year and one month. Last year’s Kitchener Comic Con had a skating rink.  This year, it’s open pavement though there is slight dusting of snow on the ground today.

Last year, I had about slightly 6 bucks to my name after paying rent and bus fare.  Even with free coffee week at McDonalds, it was tough.

This year, I have new laptop, tablet, camera with more batteries and a quad-copter with built-in camera and money to spare. I’ll be out taking pictures again.  Be sure to watch our social media feeds as well as our Kitchener Comic Con cosplay gallery as I get the day’s photos posted here and on Facebook. Maybe I’ll make some more Miitomo friends.

Find last year’s photos here

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