Spring 2016 – Girls, and cats and bears …WUT?!

She and Her Cat, KumaMiko and Flying Witch

Every season, there seems to be a group of shows that all have similar themes or stories.  This season is no exception with some variations. First off the list is remake of classic in animation, She and Her Cat.

She and Her Cat – Everything Flows

She and Her Cat - Everything FlowsIt’s hard to think how can you make a anime series out of a 5 minute demo animation.  In fact, the 4 episodes are only 7 minutes in length makes it a little easier to draw out such a brief story.  Let alone also to release a manga based on simply 5 minutes of material.






Kumamiko – Girl Meets Bear

Kuma Miko anime KumaMiko manga

Natsu reacts to Machi's desire to leave the shrine.

Kumamiko  Girl Meets Bear might take some getting use to. Namely the lead character or is it lead bear is named Natsu.  No doubt this will cause some confusion to fans of Fairy Tail trying to wrap their heads around a bear named  Natsu.  No problem … both characters are over bearing at times. At other times, fatherly in wisdom.

Natsu and Machi dance

At times, the relationship turns into a Calvin and Hobbes feel. Both playing off each other as a well comedic team.  The exception is that Natsu is a real character than imaginary.  The manga also plays up the locals who try to keep the secret of the shrine from outsiders.

It looks like the anime has lots to draw from this remote rural village in Northern Japan.  The mangaka also draws from Ainu culture and tradition which until recently the Ainu were persecuted for their customs and beliefs which also is played out well in the manga.

Kumamiko PV

Life in a Northern Town – Flying Witch

Fying Witch anime Flying Witch manga
At first glance, you think this would be a modern take on Kiki’s Delivery Service but it takes it’s cues more from Harry Potter. Like Kumamiko, it takes place in a northern town which is much more modern than village of Kumamiko.  Still there is a rural feel to the manga which the anime will hopefully convey as well.

Mikoto finds  broom... then never uses it again.If you are looking for magical hijinks like other shows of it’s genre, you will be disappointed.  It is laidback and witch let alone ‘flying’ part are left to one scene.  Mikoto uses it once through the first set of chapters of the manga. Later her sister kids her for only using once.  Magic in general as her being a witch is played down but magical creatures still find her in some comedic moments.


awkward moment in Flying Witch Instead the mangka relies on dry humour in those awkward moments where Mikoto well meaning attempts at friendship falls flat like in this scene.  The scene feels like a scene from potting class from Harry Potter.

Still it well worth watching once it comes out.  The manga also is worth tracking down if you can find it.  It’s hard to say if ay of these three shows/manga are your cup of tea but well worth sitting down and enjoying.

Flying Witch PV

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