This week in Cosplay – Jan 9, 2016

Cosplay 010916
New feature as our feed on social media is quite full of dazzling cosplays across the globe.  So lets take a look at what crossed our path this week.

Video games has always been big. With the released in HQ of Final Fantasy VII coming, there is plenty of jaw dropping works in our sight.

Fran from Final Fantasy Fran from Final Fantasy Fran from Final Fantasy XII

Fran from Final Fantasy XII never looked better though having the proper backdrop of nature really sets these apart.

My Neighbour Totoro Yui & Asuna from Sword Art Online

Kids cosplaying is always wonderful no matter how well or poor a costume may be. However these two images hit a new high watermark. Kudos for adding the bus stop prop in this My Neighbour Totoro cosplay while this mother and daughter cosplay of Sword Art Online’s Yui and Asuna just melts the heart.

noragami Hiyori cosplay Norigami cosplay

With new season of Noragami out here is a couple exceptional cosplays even though they look photoshopped. While Hiyori’s tail is added, the photographer grab the right frame of the cosplayer jump to make a perfect photo even though in real life this stunt would be down right dangerous.  I still can’t figure out if it’s one pair cosplaying or a troup of Yatos.

Joker DC Comics Freddy Krugger - Nightmare on Elm Street Jason - Friday the 13th

Evil never looked better or in the case of these CROSSplays of Freddy VS Jason, cuter.   My hats off to the guy who pulled off the perfect Joker pose. I don’t know I should run or stay with with cosplays.

Ookami cosplay...nice doggie

Last set of photos shows how dedicated to detail people can get … even with their family pet.  How they ever got their dog to be patient enough to sit through being painted and beautiful white coat is beyond me.

So that is this week’s round up of cosplay from just our Pinterest feed. If you wish to see these pins close up just click on the image OR you can check out our selection of cosplay pins on our cosplay board.

OR you can simply follow us, AnimeLondon on Pinterest to get the entire picture.

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