2015 by the numbers

2015 is over and the New Year is upon us. We were active much on social media and the numbers show it.

As of today we hit 900 followers on FaceBook but that pales with the growth on Pinterest with 1068 followers. Pinterest is our fastest growing account to date. However we’ve been sharing a lot great content from others which in turn feeds Twitter.

Twitter is 208 followers though every other social media app feeds Twitter. Though we have had some success in engagement with content being tweeted.

Other image sites like We Heart It sits at 155 followers while Istagram stalled at 25. :/

In the short video category Vine sits at 11 while Keek sits at 19. Clearly we need more content in this area though some content on Vine and Keek is quite good.

Tumblr is at 139 which means it needs more content to attract more followers.

So that in a nutshell is Anime London on social media in 2015. Hopefully 2016 will see a rise in continued use and followers.

Happy New Year … The year of the monkey.

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