Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

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Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

The story centers around a teen-celebrity-like blonde-haired girl named Panty and a black-haired Goth Loli girl named Stocking. The two are angels sent from the heavens to battle the Ghosts on Earth.
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Genre: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Magical Girl
Demographic: Seinen
Also being released as a manga, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.


Ishii Kouji as Garterbelt, Ogasawara Arisa as Panty, Ise Mariya as Stocking, Yoshino Hiroyuki as Briefs, Nakamura Takashi as Chuck



Kind of a Powerpuff Girls mixed with Ren and Stimpy and all put into a feedback loop.


When the characterscelebrating crudity, glutony, lechery and collateral damage are the angels charged with saving the world from darkness, I'd call the result the ideal mind-zonking spoof. Plus, I really like the lingerie that turns into weapons.

Michael Eh?

Oh my Gainax! Howard Stern humour which even he might have problems with. I don't care how LATE this airs on Teletoon, they'll never show this on TV here. Twisted and warped do not cover this one with artistic animation changes including live explosions.
Actually looking back it's a total rip up of North American cartoons where there is two stories (if you can call them that) per show. Gainax did a fair job of destroying our style of 'anime'. Maybe all the puking was their comment on our cartoons.


a nice change from the cliches that figleaf ecchi. though expect that the new cliches in this series will get tiring soon enuf. still, a fun ride. for now.


Given... the title of it (at first) it wasn't what most people would hope it would be, but it became that to a certain extent (with the Panty character) but did have a fair amount of action and comedy in it, all of which offset the art style which I'm not a fan of (but not totally against it). Factoring in the art style with the type of humor and 'action' that's in it seemed to have gelled well so far *unsure if another art style for it would make it better/worse/no difference) but over all I liked it. A dub of this (licensed or fan) would be interesting to see.

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Review Date: October 10, 2010

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