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Shikabane Hime

The story starts off with a bunch of high school students, taking the dare to go up to this abandoned building that has been half destroyed by a fire. It was rumoured to be haunted. Just a rumour, right? Not when real corpses start showing up, and they start feeling things grabbing them, and finally zombies going after them!
Shikabane Hime is there to save the day. The immortal girl, “Shikabane Hime,” has the mission to “kill” 108 corpses. It’s a contract she has between herself and the Buddhist monk, Keisei. After 108 corpses, she will finally get her happiness and go to heaven.
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Author: Yoshiichi Akahito
Alternative Names: Shikabane Hime, Corpse Princess
Genre: Manga, Action, Horror, Supernatural
Demographic: Shounen
First half of Shikabane Hime has been adapted into an anime, Shikabane Hime: Aka.


Michael Eh?

The manga starts well before the anime with the above story plot being the real plot of the first story. At the end of the chapter, she has 99 shikabanes to go. The scanlation uses corpses instead of zombie or shikabane which somehow doesn't feels the right word for the monsters that are in the story.

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