Sailor Moon Crystal

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Sailor Moon Crystal

Usagi Tsukino is a normal girl until she meets up with Luna, a talking cat, who tells her that she is Sailor Moon. As Sailor Moon, Usagi must fight evils and enforce justice, in the name of the Moon and the mysterious Moon Princess. She meets other girls destined to be Sailor Senshi (Sailor Scouts), and together, they fight the forces of evil!
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Alternative Names: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Supernatural
Demographic: Shoujo
Adapted from the manga, Sailormoon - Manga. Also adapted into live action TV series, Sailor Moon Live.


Michael Eh?

In spite of the slight 3D transformations and being broadcast in HD, there isn't much that has changed for this released of Sailor Moon franchise. Even the artwork, seems so Eighties. Considering how much Pretty Cure has changed the face of magic shoujo over the years, I guess Sailor fans can forgive the faults and take the trip down memory lane. Sailor Moon hates English... wait until the dub, Usagi. ;)

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