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Ride Back

In the year 2020, anti-government student movements are raging again. Having encountered a two-wheeled robot named "Rideback" modeled on a human being, Rin Ogata rides on the "Tetsuma", and the world's destiny begins to change!!

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Genre: Mecha
Demographic: Seinen
Based on a manga by Tetsuro Kasahara



very nice. kinda reminds me of AirGear.


Motorcycle mech meets ballerina ... cool concept. Too bad the panty shots are all reserved for the other characters -- I hope they enjoyed them. Not too much character development yet, but I'd watch more.

Michael Eh?

This is about the third time watching this episode and I still wonder how she managed to stop the RideBack at the end. Set in an alternative universe but it is more of post war Japan through the eyes of university students. Out of all the shows of this season which left me flat, this one seems to be one of the few I watch more of.

Club Notes

Review Date: Feb 9, 2009

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