Mark of the Succubus

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Mark of the Succubus

Maeve, a succubus-in-training, is sent to the human world by her mentor, Veril, to learn how to blend in and hone her skills of seduction. However, things get a little complicated after she meets Aiden, a smart, but unmotivated student at her new high school. Unfortunately for her, Sylne, the head succubus of the Demon World has sent a spy to catch any missteps her former protege. Between Aiden's witchy girlfriend, his nutty best friend, biology class, and Demon World conspiracies, Maeve is going to be lucky to make it out of high school alive.
from Tokyopop
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Author: Ashly Raiti
Artist: Irene Flores
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Romance, School Life, Supernatural
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