Da Capo III

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Da Capo III

On the island of Hatsunejima, where spring is eternal, grows a particular large cherry blossom tree. This cherry blossom tree never withers, and is said to be able to fulfill any wish.
However, one day, this tree had become a normal cherry blossom tree...
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Alternative Names: D.C.III: Da Capo III
Genre: Drama, Game, Harem, Magic, Romance, School Life
Demographic: Seinen
Adapted from the visual novel game, D.C.III: Da Capo III by Circus. Also adapted into manga, D.C. III - Manga.


Kaiho Erika as Hinomoto Aoi, Sasaki Mikoi as Katsuragi Himeno, Nitta Emi as Morizono Rikka, Ousaki Chiyo as Rukawa Sara, Miyazaki Ui as Yoshino Charles, Ono Yuuki as Yoshino Kiyotaka, Hitomi as Sakura


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