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Sakaguchi is in a sexual relationship with his step father that is abusive, but he enjoys the pain because it helps mask darker memories from his past. He then meets another student who also has a troubled background who may be the person to help him stop his self-inflicted pain.
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Author: KAWAI Touko
Genre: Drama, Mature, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life, Yaoi
Demographic: Josei
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ARG *glares at description* though I don't really like it, every place you go has the same description of this manga makes it look bad for the people that read it an like it. *grumbles* I find this is probably one of the few yaoi manga's that can actually get away with basing an entire plot on sex without it becoming PWP. This manga may be full of different sexual encounters and scenes but the deeper meaning behind it is what would draw the reader in, it has a more tragic theme to it something that speaks to a different side of you. Yes its a 'darker' style of writing, and yes other author's have written things that could be considered 'similar' but what makes this different is that not only is it relate-able but to those people that have ever had to deal or go though something that has an 'unbearable' pain attached to it, and trying to find a way to make it though the pain.

"Spinning in dizziness from the howling wind and the brilliant sun...
we closed our eyes.. and we tried to keep from falling from the top
of our small, narrow cliff."

Its beautifully tragic, and will most likely tug at your heartstrings, I'd even recommend this kind of story to straight boys (not to see them cringe) but because the story is well written and it has a great meaning hidden within the pages, sure it has two men in a sexual relationship, but that's probably the only reason I wouldn't make a straight boy sit and read it or suggest it to those 'straight as a board' kind of people. XD I didn't find it extremely graphic either, most of that was more left up to your own imagination, or is 'censored' in some way, meaning on my scale the graphic-ness of this art is tame.

Yes, this is a MUST READ on my recommend Yaoi list!

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