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BovieWan’s Hatsune Miku Fan Expo Screening Review

As mentioned in my other article regarding this event, Crypton Future Media set up a whole screening of some footage from Hatsune Miku Live Party 2013 to see if Canada was ready and receptive enough for a Vocaloid concert. How … Continue reading

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Vocaloid Screening was a “Test” of Canadian Audience

I recently got some info wrong on a report about a Vocaloid event in Canada. This was quickly corrected in the comments (thank you Al). The event, which took place on August 25th, was a screening of footage from a … Continue reading

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BovieWan’s ConBravo 2013 Review

July 27th, I made the long trek to Hamilton to make my triumphant entrance to ConBravo. Having never attended this particular con before, I was left not knowing exactly what to expect. With a terrible cell phone camera in hand … Continue reading

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