Vocaloid Screening was a “Test” of Canadian Audience

I recently got some info wrong on a report about a Vocaloid event in Canada. This was quickly corrected in the comments (thank you Al). The event, which took place on August 25th, was a screening of footage from a live Vocaloid concert. For more info, see my event review.

Before the screening actually began, a representative from Crypton Future Media (the people that made Miku) came out to give a brief explanation of the event as well as some very exciting news.

This screening was arranged when Crypton Future Media began making inquiries about how strong a following Vocaloid had in Canada. Naturally, they asked the organizers of the largest fan convention in Canada, Hobby Star (Anime North would actually know more on the subject, but I digress). Hobby Star (they organize Fan Expo) responded by saying they don’t know. The screening was then arranged and announced and tickets started selling like hot cakes. The response was strong enough to leave Crypton feeling really good about the possibility of a concert in Canada. They even took a picture of the crowd to show off in Japan (can you spot me in there?).

Courtesy of Death’s Door Prod.

While this screening and excited crowd have done much to help bring a full Vocaloid concert to Canada, there is more still that can be done with very little effort. At the screening the Hatsune Miku FindMe app was introduced. This is a simple webpage where you can request a Vocaloid concert in a city near you. If enough requests are given for a city, it will get a Vocaloid concert at some point. Canadian cities being currently considered are: Montreal, Calgary, Toronto, North York, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Mississauga, Scarborough, Vancouver, and Etobicoke. So, if you are a Vocaloid fan and want to see a live concert, get over to mikubook.com/findme and let Crypton know you want Miku to come here.

Original Post: Death’s Door Prods


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