BovieWan’s Hatsune Miku Fan Expo Screening Review

As mentioned in my other article regarding this event, Crypton Future Media set up a whole screening of some footage from Hatsune Miku Live Party 2013 to see if Canada was ready and receptive enough for a Vocaloid concert. How did the event actually pan out? I am about to break it down in this review.

The footage that was shown was not from the DVD release of the concert, as was previously suggested. The footage was, in fact, exclusive footage shown only at Fan Expo and formatted to the theatre’s large but oddly shaped screen. The difference in the footage was primarily which shots they chose to use and when. I watched one of the songs on the DVD version and found that this meant more close-up footage of the performance and less oddly angled sweeping shots of the crowd. With the music being blasted through theatre surround sound, it was still an engaging experience.

The event setup was done very well. The choice to make the announcement before the actual screening was definitely a good idea as it made the crowd very excited. The seating seemed pretty full on the main level, I never got a chance to see what the crowd was like on the second level. Considering the size of crowd and Fan Expo’s notorious history of lines and crowd handling, I think the entry and seating was handled fairly well.

Right from the beginning, I knew that the biggest factor in this event would be the crowd. When you’re going to a theatre to watch video footage of a concert, you’re going to have to have an energetic group of people around to fully enjoy yourself. Include in this equation the fact that Crypton were watching to see how good the reception for this event was, and a good crowd was key. There were no disappointments in this department (Okay, there was a lack of glow sticks). The crowd was very pumped to hear the news and see the screening. Everyone seemed content to act as though they were actually at a concert. There was waving, cheering, and even a call for the encore that everyone knew was coming anyway.

The screening at Fan Expo was a fun social experience and a chance for a smaller Vocaloid experience. It also served to send a strong message that Canada is ready and excited for a full Vocaloid concert. If you haven’t already, go to and request a Vocaloid concert in a city near you.

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