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After classes are finished for the day, Takaaki and Manaka are usually found arranging books in the preparation room.
The withdrawn Manaka, desiring to convey her unspoken feelings to classmate Takaaki, convinced Takaaki to help her tidy up with the excuse of for the sake of getting used to boys.
Alone together in the preparation room, Manaka finds that she does not become flustered when the two of them practice calling each other by name. Manaka is excited thinking that their love is developing, but at the same time is fearful of messing up in front of Takaaki.
One day, during practice, they are seen by Yuuji who tattles to the rest of the class...
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Alternative Names: To Heart 2: Another Days Next
Genre: Comedy, Game, Harem, Romance, Slice of Life
Demographic: Shounen
Based on a game by Leaf. This is the 4th OVA series of the To Heart 2 line.


Fukuyama Jun as Kouno Takaaki, Itou Shizuka as Kousaka Tamaki, Hase Yurina as Yuzuhara Konomi, Yoshida Konami as Himeyuri Ruri, Ishizuka Sayori as Himeyuri Sango, Kanzaki Chiro as Komaki Ikuno, Rikimaru Noriko as Komaki Manaka, Toriumi Kousuke as Kousaka Yuuji, Satou Rina as Kusakabe Yuuki, Ono Ryouko as Kusugawa Sasara, Natsuki Rio as Lucy Maria Misora, Nakajima Saki as Sasamori Karin, Nabatame Hitomi as Tonami Yuma


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