Tetsunagi Kooni

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Tetsunagi Kooni

Living peacefully in the mountain recesses with her mother was the oni girl. Senri. She became seperated from her mother and was eventually forced, as a last resort, to head towards human habitation. After a chance encounter with Shino, Senri has been living together in Shino's house.
This tale is about Oni girl Senri, the energetic girl Shino, and the people around Shino as they all come to realize, in many ways, "Somehow there's a way to communicate better".


Author: AOKI Ume
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Demographic: Shounen
AOKI Ume is also responsible for Hidamari Sketch.


Michael Eh?

Sort of a sad tale with heart warming as the humans around Senri try their best to take her in and help her cope. It's an out of the usual story which makes it a great read.

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