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Smash Hit

25 year old, Mizuki Ikuta, dreams of producing her own crime detective show. Instead she is appointed producer and actress in a show she has no control over Cosprayers. Can she keep her composure working for those around her while holding onto her dreams.


Alternative Names: Hit wo Nerae
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi
This is the back story of Cosmoploitan Prayers, this takes place as the production company making the show.



"Better then the show the main character is producing but not by enough for me to recommend it to anyone unless they just want to see more gratuitous panty shots. Had potential but fell flat in my opinion."


"and i thought 'cosprayers' was gratuitous with fan service. it's ok tho'"


"This anime was as good as okay can get. I wouldn't mind watching more but I won't go seeking it out."


"I think this series is a good example of wasted potential. It could have been good but they failed in the attempt. That's not to say that it's terrible; it's just not too mediocre to interest me."

Michael Eh?

"This is one good idea which ended up being poorly executed."

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Review Date: Day of Anime 2005

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