Nabari no Ou

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Nabari no Ou

Rokujou Miharu was a seemly reluctant junior high student living in his own world. However, within him, lurked the ultimate power of Nabari, "Omnipotent". To possess such supreme weapon, the Wolf Pack of Iga swore to bring Miharu back to Iga village. On the other hand, Miharu’s English teacher, Kumohira sensei, and classmate, Kouichi, were the Banten ninjas whose mission was to protect Miharu. A war waged over the ownership of "Omnipotent" thus started. To survive, Miharu must enter the hidden world Nabari, to become the king.


Genre: Action, Fantasy
Based on a shounen manga by Kamatani Yuuki, serialised in GFantasy.



This is another pilot that could do either way - the premise was good if it's handled right. The main character is a little annoying partly for rejecting the premise of the show, but mostly because I couldn't tell if he was a boy or a girl.

Michael Eh?

Taking the classic cliches of the Ninja genre and setting it in modern times is pure genius which works for me. A refreshing take on the toonish ninja of Naruto without the grotesque of Ninja Scroll or Basilisk. Plain clothes Ninjas, there's a concept long overdue to be done.

Club Notes

Date Reviewed: July 13 2008

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