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Shizuru and Mizuki are sisters born in a family with spiritual abilities. While the older one, Shizuru, is able to see spirits, goblins and stuff like that, the younger one, Mizuki, has a propensity for getting possessed.

As their calm and peaceful days of youth progress, they have many encounters which lead them to respect and treasure life and all its beauties and marvels.

This is a story about the experience of youth and growing up. In one word, spiritual.
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Genre: Drama, Mystery, Supernatural
Based on the seinen manga by Kumakura Takatoshi, serialised in Afternoon.


Lord of Arcania

Wasn't bad. A little slow byt pretty good.

Michael Eh?

I liked this show of two sisters who are opposites but complementary opposites. It is also a good primer into Japanese folk lore and customs.


looks good but a little low key for my taste.

Club Notes

Review Date: Jan 27 & 29. 2008

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