Land of the Blindfolded

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Land of the Blindfolded

Land of the Blindfolded is about a girl named Kanade Otsuka who can sometimes see the future when she touches someone or something. Her description for this is that it is as if everyone is blindfolded, but her blindfold is defective and sometimes slips, letting her see more. She meets a schoolmate, Arou Naitou, who can see the past and Namiki Masahiro who can also see the future.
Kanade, Arou, and Namiki must live in a world where society might not accept them if their secret is ever known other than by their friends. On several occasions, people learn about their secret (the school doctor, people from Arou's middle school, family members), with varying results. For example, Arou's classmates from middle school react negatively, distressing him, while another classmate tries to use Arou's talent for the benefit of society.
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Alternative Names: Mekakushi no Kuni, Beyond the Blindfold
Author: TSUKUBA Sakura
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Supernatural
Demographic: Shoujo
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