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Hot Limit

During the day, Maya is a handsome, perfect honors student, but at night, he becomes a completely different person - voluptuous and lecherous. Even as university student Kazuma renounces Maya's duality, he grows strongly attracted to him. Before long the young parliamentarian Tanabe begins to pull Maya's strings like a puppet, but when Kazuma finds out Tanabe's been using Maya for political ends... A mysterious love story full of passion!
from ANN
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Author: SHIMA Minori
Artist: KANBE Akira
Genre: ADULT, Erotica, Romance, Yaoi
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Hmmmm....what to say...I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either. The art is well done and the plot is fairly well developed though out,but it seems to be lacking something.. I'm not sure what.. maybe how they went about writing it just didn't make it as good as it could have been. It's not something I would really want to read again it just really made a big 'flop' with me. I'd say if you still think 'well it could be...' then by all means read a chapter or two...But my overall of this manga is don't read it.

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