Digimon X Evolution

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Digimon X Evolution

A virtual world was created by the present-day network called the "Digital World". The "Digital Monster", which is a digital life object, was born, and the host computer "Yggdrasil" managedthe different Digital World areas. However, it developed the "X-Program" of fear to eliminate all Digimon in the old world and develop a new Digital World for only certain Digimon... Now, the greatest crisis ever approaches the Digital World!
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Alternative Names: Digital Monster X-evolution, Digimon X
Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Game
CGI movie based on the ever popular Digimon franchise.



"Why wasn't the entire series like this? One of the best things I've had the joy of watching. I'd loved to see an extended version of this movie."


"This might have been more interesting if I had actually watched some Digimon before. I would definitely have preferred more plot and story."


"Throughout the first half of the film I was mostly bored by the constant fight scenes. During the second half I was pleasantly brought back into it by sudden infussion of plot. The CG was excellent, but I would have rather seen this as a extended series with more plot and character development, CG be damned."


"Well if you ever watched Digimon as a kid, then you'll get a kick out of seeing all your old favorite charactewrs updated in this alternative version of the Digital World. Don't look for a lot of complex plot though. Just lots and lots of cool CG battles. Kind of typical sometimes, but I found it enjoyable none the less."


">.> The story was there for the most part, but you get the feeling you're missing something when you watch it. Like it's continuing on from previous storyline. Nice flyers though. =P Alphamon is the super. =P Nice animation too."


"Outside the two lead characters who are appealing this not very engaging story despite he good visuals."

Michael Eh?

"There were blanks in this plot which were wallpapered over with action and well executed graphics. Still having the Digimons as main characters without outside help from kids was masterful direction taken. Clearly this 'franchise' still has some life still in it inspite others in the 'niche' have fallen to the wayside like Pokemon or Monster Rancher."

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Review Date: Day of Anime 2005

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