Today at digLondon… AnimeLondon

Well today was one of those ‘Red Letters’ day. I got to to digLondon way too early but ended up helping one of the exhibitors to unload their vechile and prevented them from a costy mistake of setting up in the wrong spot. They had several LARGE fat screen monitors and display which took hours to setup. Time saved because knowing that the show was upstairs NOT downstairs prevented having to take down and setup … again for them.
The monitors for consoles didn’t work becuae wrong connections. I setup the consoles anyway and waited for AV guys to fix the problem.
The Wii failed to read discs… maybe even chew a couple. I ended making a quick trip to home to bring my own gamecube with games. Including smash Bros Melee and Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee. Both saw lots of action. Sadly I could do nothing for the SNES which it’s cable to the TV was cut and shoddly rewired. I might be taking my soldering iron and tools to fix it properly tomorrow.
Met some awesome people and even James from Hobbystar who was checking out the event. Funny when he offered to shake my hand, I couldn’t. I was playing with a yoyo I got from another booth. LOL There was motion capture display which was awesome. Lots of swag. Got invited to the big dinner and I’ll be back there tomorrow.
Also one of our club members got a free day pass courtesy of us, Anime London, which allowed him to record some interviews for various blogs, podcasts and magazines he writes and produces. All in all, a good day for Digital Interactive Gaming conference, digLondon … and Anime London which helped out. digLondon is game development conference led in November every year.

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