I hope Bleach Shingamis will be out in full force this Hollow’een keeping the bad Hollows wrecking the holiday spirit.  While Bleach takes places in Japan, what would our Shinigami representive be dressed like?

Still working on slightly the light novel project,  though I haven’t written a word yet. Hard to write Science Fiction is more modern day involving current technology rather than most other Science Fiction.  I would rather call it Science Fantasy because authors don’t have to pay attention to Science fact.

Current project or an old project revisited, the review wiki Manga List is over 3 years old so I’m revisiting ALL the pages. O_O  More a revision of style and revising pages. Some publishers have vanished in those 3 years.

We’ll be helping again this year with digLONDON. Lending our controllers and gear in the games room. Digital Interactive Gaming LONDON is game development conference, not a gaming con. Lots of shirts and suits from all the game companies like Big Blue Bubble, Digital Extremes, etc. If you’re an artists wanting to break into the gaming industry, this might be for you. Runs November 16-17, 2011 http://www.diglondon.ca/

That’s all… wait is that a Hollow scream? Where’s that badge of mine… see ya. 😉

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