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Anime North galleries are up

Sadly I could only make it for Saturday this year. Still I took over 1000 pictues and videos and handed out nearly 1000 cards. Be sure to check out the galleries today.

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ONE still matters

Since the untimely death of cosplayer, Ashlynn Handy, last August, people have been affected by her passing. With, they installed AWstats which can capture search results which lead to our site. From a single post in August, search stats … Continue reading

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Cards, Sticker and QRcodes,Oh my!

This year, I’m breaking from the plain black and white cards and using coloured cardstock. Also intermingled with these will be sticker version. Also there will are 3 experimental promo stickers which sport QR codes like those used in Asia … Continue reading

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First View – C The Soul of Money

C The Soul of Money and Possibly Control Alternative view of ‘The Financial Distrinct‘ of the world. From the people who brought you ‘Eden of the East‘ something simular but different. Read what we thought of C The Soul of … Continue reading

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Star Wars Celebration Sci Fi Fantasy 5

While I will be attending a friend’s wedding Saturday, Scifi and anime fans will converge at Gibraltar Weekend Market, 1712 Dundas Street, London, ON this Saturday and Sunday. You can find out more details on their facebook event page.

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First View – Hanasaku Iroha

Hanasaku Iroha reviewed Japan has a long tradition of hotel dramas where the grandmother is antagonist and disfunctional family. It’s become a formula in live-action but rarely anime.   Hanasaku Iroha is no exception … except it’s told through the eyes … Continue reading

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Free Comic Book Day 2011

It was an awesome day for Free Comic Book Day. Sunny, no rain like last year. Even a costume contest at the Central Library. Even still, everybody loves a chocobo. =) Check out the gallery here or on facebook.

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