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First View – Dragon Crisis!

Dragon Crisis! reviewed We tried out some new hardware to watch shows which glitch a bit. In spite of this, we had a good time with a member’s Atari 2600 console and crowd favorite game, Medival Mayhem. We watched Dragon … Continue reading

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Next meeting – Feb 27th 2011

We’ll be meeting at Worlds Away this Sunday, February, 2011 starting 12:30pm. I’ll be trying out some new hardware as well having the old as backup JUST in case things don’t go as smoothly. We’ll be having the Gamecube with … Continue reading

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The girl who loves to levitate

Cool set of 14 photos of a Japanese girl, Natsumi Hayashi as she levitates all over Tokyo. Please visit blog post,  The Girl Who Loves to Levitate.  More can be found at the artist’s website

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First View – Freezing

Freezing reviewed We ended up watching his techno take on Queen’s Blade. Less smut more gory life like combat. But the characters can regenerate. Surprising most of the group including one girl would watch more of Freezing. See what the … Continue reading

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Tumblr’ing out of control

Like I need another project or another thing to update. Yet, I got myself a Tumblr account. Something new to try out and maybe forget. Unlike a regular blog, it is a community. So stop by and read the ramblings … Continue reading

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