Dragon Crisis!

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Dragon Crisis!

A normal high school boy Kisaragi Ryuji's peaceful life is turned into an adventure by the return of his second cousin Eriko. Ryuji and Eriko seize a relic box from a black broker named FANG. In the box, they find a red dragon girl whom Ryuji names Rose because of her rose like pattern on her left hand. In order to protect Rose from the black organization, Ryuji decides to fight using his power as a relic handler.
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Genre: Action, Ecchi, Fantasy, Magic, School Life
Demographic: Shounen
Adapted from a light novel series, Dragon Crisis!


Shimono Hiro as Kisaragi Ryuuji, Kugimiya Rie as Rose, Inokuchi Yuka as Ai, Kitta Izumi as Aikawa Mao, Matsuoka Yuki as Bianca, Nigo Mayako as Etou Misaki, Sako Mayumi as Kai, Tamagawa Sakiko as Kisaragi Hana, Uchida Naoya as Kisaragi Reiichirou, Horie Yui as Marga


Michael Eh?

Anime does 'How to Train Your Dragon' but this dragon is more pretty. Still many reused themes that can be found elsewhere .... and better done.


Too soon to say. It has a common enough start. I need to see another episode or two to tell if they're going to do anything out of the ordinary.


The shy classmate, buxom daredevil and kooky magical girl adds up to an OK cast for a harem comedy, but the permise wasn't developed enough and the bad guys were pretty generic. I guess I'd watch it again if there was nothing else on.


I had a few laughs for this preview, but I will have to see more episodes to see where this series is going.


Ryuji Ryuji Ryuji Ryuji Ryuji Ryuji Ryuji Ryuji Ryuji Ryuji Ryuji .....


excellent job making so obnoxious a character so very, very appealing. series is otherwise unexceptional, but quite entertaining

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Review Date: February 27 2011

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