Yuru Yuri

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Yuru Yuri

The Amusement Club foursome continue their unusual activities - though still not clearly defined, organised, or explained - in the illegally-occupied-by-the-club room of the former tea ceremony while the student council continues to attempt to shut them down. Meanwhile Akari is no longer a dotted outline in the background. She is loved and adored by her classmates and teachers alike. This marks a new year for the ultra-popular Akari!
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Alternative Names: Yuri Hime, Happy Go Lily, Loose Lilies
Genre: Comedy, School Life, Shoujo Ai, Slice of Life, Yuri
Demographic: Shoujo
Adapted from the manga, Yuru Yuri - Manga. Also see the animes Yuru Yuri 2 and Yuru Yuri San Hai!


Mikami Shiori as Akaza Akari, Tsuda Minami as Funami Yui, Ootsubo Yuka as Toshinou Kyouko, Ookubo Rumi as Yoshikawa Chinatsu, Mimori Suzuko as Furutani Himawari, Uchida Aya as Furutani Kaede, Toyosaki Aki as Ikeda Chitose, Katou Emiri as Oomuro Sakurako, Fujita Saki as Sugiura Ayano


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