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Tomorrow's Ulterior Motives

Actor Makoto Aizawa’s star has begun to rise, attracting the attention of Jounouchi-sensei’s rival director, Taizou Oouchi. When offered a lead part in Oouchi-sensei’s new musical, how can Aizawa turn it down? Maybe the fact that he can’t sing a note should factor-in to his decision? Or perhaps Jounouchi and Oouchi’s relationship as bitter adversaries ought to cause Aizawa to steer clear? At the end of the day, is it Aizawa’s talent that’s motivated Oouchi-sensei to offer him such a plum role, or does the director have other sinister motives?
from June
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Alternative Names: Asu mo Dokokade Himitsu no Jouji
Author: FUJII Sakuya
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Yaoi
Sequel to Today's Ulterior Motives.


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