Rozen Maiden

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Rozen Maiden

Jun is a latchkey kid who has thrown away the key. He's only connection to outside world is the endless parcels he gets off the internet of cursed and bizarre items. Most of which he simple sends back. His sister, Nori, seems powerless to help Jun out of his self-imposed exile. She too feels the loneliness while looking after her brother's parcels while their parents are away.

That is until one day that one of the many offers Jun has ordered shows up suddenly within his room. A wooden chest containing a life-like doll dressed in a rose coloured Victorian dress. Curiosity gets the better of him as he winds this doll. Curiosity which soon might well kill him. The doll is Shinku ask if he is afraid to die.

No sooner than her words leaves her lips, another doll with intent of killing Jun smashes into the room. He must swear and kiss her ring to survive. Only after the encounter is over that Jun learns what he has become.... a servant to a doll.... a medium to a Rozen Maiden doll name Shinku.


Genre: Comedy, Comedy, Supernatural
Demographic: Seinen
Adapted from the manga, Rosen Maiden. Also prequel to Rozen Maiden: Träumend as well as two OVAs.



"Well... nice character designs, decent music, and some lightly humorous moments. Very Gothic cutsey. The story line seems intriguing enough. I wouldn't mind seeing more"


"A bizarre series with two rather unbelievable characters. I presume it's primarily a character piece with a rather aristocratic and somewhat more benign female Chucky."


"It was all right. Not something I would continue watching."


"cute but not really my style."


"Hmm. Well its kind of cute, and I like the rose theme, but it's also a bit sudden and difficult to follow. Perhaps more explanation and less pointless silliness. and it might be easier to watch."


"not bad. not good either. the premise is fairly imaginative but the story seems predictable."

Michael Eh?

"Frankly, the only thing I hate about this series is it's brief 12 episode span. Unfortunately the events and characters that occur in the first episode take meaning as the series continues. It does dwell on the admittance of problem of latchkey kids and absentee parenting current a theme in Japan's independent movie industry. While Shinku may seem like a Chucky wannabee, she is Jun's only real hope for redemption who has taken his key and locked the world out."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2005
We watched this series.

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