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Ral Grad

In a world where demonic creatures named shadows enter our realm through their very namesakes, little is safe. However, when a young boy by the name of Ral becomes friends with the shadow inside him, he may be the last hope in saving the world. Ral lives on the island of Sphaein, in the kingdom of Sphaelite. There he has been enlisted to protect the kingdom from evil shadows that wish to destroy it. With the aid of his shadow, a large blue dragon named Grad, and his teacher, Mio, Ral can take on any challenger.
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Alternative Names: Blue Dragon RalΩGrad, Blue dragon: Ral Grad
Author: TAKANO Tsuneo
Artist: OBATA Takeshi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Ecchi, Erotica, Fantasy
Demographic: Shounen
This manga is based on the Blue Dragon video game (in terms of canon however, it is only loosely connected to the series).


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