Nougyou Musume!

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Nougyou Musume!

The story of Nougyou Musume! centers around Hikari and Hikaru Koshino, two sisters who take care of the paddy they inherited from their parents. Together, the sisters grow rice and hang out with their friends in the local area.
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Alternative Names: Agricultural Girls, Nōgyō Musume!
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
A three-minute anime short, titled episode zero, produced to promote Kagura Minori’s slice-of-life comedy web manga Nougyou Musume!.


Takaoka Kaori as Hanabata Kirari, Mikami Shiori as Koshino Hikari, Tsuji Ayumi as Koshino Hikaru, Shindou Kei as Kuroba Michiru, Hirota Shion as Miyagi Komachi


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